Have a Blast On Beach Plan the Party In Style

Have a Blast On Beach Plan the Party In Style

You must have witnessed lots of parties, but I am sure that most of them must have taken place at monotonous places like a home, restaurants and if we move one step ahead, then some of them are thrown at villas, i.e. , outdoors. But the main element that forms the part of all the parties is the “fun factor.” I hope you all will agree with me. But does these stereotyped parties are really enjoyable? Forget about these regular ones… Have you ever thought of going for a Beach themed party? No? Then read on… Be it venue, the decorations, the theme of your party, the food, refreshing drinks, games or whatever, until and unless the fun factor is not present in the party, all your efforts will go in vain. That’s for sure! I am here to let you know some of the cool ideas for beach parties, which by their very name are unique. If you are planning to throw a beach party, then make sure that it does not sound like an ordinary one. So according to me, to make it extraordinary, first of all, you need to send apt invitation cards to your loved ones, that would match with the whole theme of the party.

Click on this link to send invitations to your guests: Invitation Box Trust me… These are really amazing! Let me start from the menu. I am concentrating on this aspect the most, because I know that food and drink are indeed the most essential elements of a beach party and you really need to ensure that the arrangement is made in a perfect way. But what are you going to serve for the party? First make simple cocktails for your party. You can take the help from the following cocktail recipes. It is better to make drinks at home, rather than buying highly prized cocktails from the market. Recipe 1 Bottle champagne cava 4 cup orange juice 1shot cointreau 1 spoon sugar Pour the orange juice in the jar, then add a shot of cointreau in the juice, and in the end add Cava champagne to it. You can add a spoon of sugar according to their taste. Another recipe is1 oz vodka1 oz apple juiceSome sprite Splash red bull Mix it well. It is ready!

For more sweet and simple cocktail recipes, you can click on this link: Cocktail Making If you want to add more charm to your party, then you must include fruit salad and stuffed sandwiches, French fries and popcorn, or alternatively arrange for lots of BBQ recipes along with mouth watering kebabs and burgers. Normally, beach parties are held for a short duration of time, so it is not advisable to include a five-course menu in your party. Finger foods as well as appetizers are more than enough. But again it depends solely on your budget as well as the duration of your party, as to what kind of food you want to serve in your party. Smoothies, brownies and mocktails would also make the menu fantastic. For more ideas on food menu, you can click on this link: Adventures By The Sea Games How can you forget games? The other very important aspect to organize a successful beach party is to indulge in lots of games and activities. It is very important that while planning for your beach party, you should make use of the natural ambiance of the beach as well as its surroundings. It might sound really kiddish, but you can make sand castles and bring your childhood memories back.

The amazing thing about this activity is that it can be geared either towards kids or adults. You just have to arrange buckets, shovels, clothes and accessories that are required to build castles. You can go one step ahead and give away a prize for the best structure. For more ideas, you can click on this link: Party Games Etc Beach Football! Ready to play this game? Of course no beach party is ever complete without playing Water Football. The game really involves a lot of fun and it will also help all your guests to make full use of all the energy they have. You just need to arrange a ball (actually two, one should be kept spare) that floats in the water and then just mark the goals. Now… now what? You are ready to play the game! Beach Party Favors As far as the favors are concerned, I can give you a very good idea. You can gift Beach Flip Flop Card Holders to your guests. You liked the idea? I am telling you that these amazing card holders will really make an awesome impression. For more ideas, you can click on this link: Cool Party Favors But my favorite flavor would still be a Beach card Holder. So Have A Blast Don’t forget to invite me…


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