Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Theme Party Birthdays mark a special moment in your life when you love to have fun and spend the day enjoying with all your friends and family members. And if it happens to be your sixteenth birthday, you are sure to have a rocking party that lasts in your mind for a long time. So if your are planning a sweet sixteen party, make sure that it has all the ingredients of a hip-hop party that is enjoyed by one and all. Sweet sixteen parties are no more celebrated in the traditional manner where you invite your friends for a get-together, have cake and go back home. Today these parties have assumed great importance since they are considered to be the celebration of attaining adulthood and at last gaining freedom to do things as one wishes to. With these parties taking a whole new approach, it is quite obvious that the girl celebrating her sixteenth birthday would expect a real bash. Unless you wish to throw a surprise party for the birthday girl, it is wise to take her opinion on all matters related to the party and involve her in the planning stages. This would make it easier for you to incorporate her ideas and organize a party that really interests her.

You can opt for a theme-based party where you ask the invitees to follow a certain theme. The themes could be the old Hollywood style party, a wig party, a color party or even a mask party. A lot of thinking needs to be done when it comes to the decoration of a sweet sixteen party. It should be vivid and should reflect the mood of the party, besides complimenting the theme of the party, if any. Avoid decorating the party in the traditional way with just balloons and streamers as these tend to make the party boring and could even spoil the mood of the birthday girl. Make use of colored light bulbs, silver and golden stars and hang metallic columns of different colors. The beautiful decoration will leave the teenager gushing. Before you think that you are done with everything, do pay attention towards the food that you intend to serve at the party. Try to include all such delicacies that would leave the guests asking for more. You can include Belgian fries with sauce andalouse, fruity granitas and chocolate truffles, sophisticated sundaes, besides burgers, pizza and skewers. Ask the birthday girl to help you out in deciding the menu. Some other aspects that you need to take care of are the party games, gifts, favors and the music.

You would surely not want the guests to attend a party that has nothing exciting for them. Let the guests have a whale of a time and arrange some games that are innovative and involve all of them. As far as the gifts and favors are concerned, you do not need to think twice before deciding to include such stuff that would make the girl squeal with joy and appreciate your choice. Also play her favorite numbers during the party to make her realize that it is her great day and that you intend to make it really special for her. Invitations are an essential part of all parties as they include all the relevant information regarding the party. Make the invitations beautiful and unique so that the guests get an idea of the kind of party you intend to organize. You can look for some invitations on the following sites that offer a cool collection that are just perfect for the occasion. These can also be personalized with the photograph of the birthday girl on it.


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