Party Games

Party Games

Sports has a different kind of appeal for everyone. Some follow football, others baseball; some like me, are devoted to basketball or so on. It is a wonderful thing to watch or take part in. And now if you are planning on hosting a party, why not then go for a sports party. It can be a great way for you and your buddies to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Though ideally you can host a Sports party outdoors, still it even can be hosted indoors. So depending on the feasibility factor, go for a party venue that would enable you to host a talk of the town sports party. So if you hosting the party outdoors in the backyard or in the park, it is best to host the party in the evening. But if you are hosting the party indoors, there is no such time restrictions. A sports party is going to have an air of festivity about it, so you should be prepared to enjoy the most. For a sports party you don’t have to worry about the number of guests, as the number can be limitless. You can hold a sports party for any game with any number of people attending. Moreover, they are the easiest type of parties that you can throw, as all you need for the party would be a game and some food. Every party is incomplete without some decoration.

For your sports party, you can have balloons with figures of your favorite sport or sport that is the theme of your party. Around the party area you can have signs that say, “Bleachers”, “Locker Rooms”, “Restrooms”, etc. And if your want to make the decoration a little more real, you can set up a first aid station with band-aids, bandages, hydrogen peroxide and a water cooler. You would further need to spread sport-related props and toys around the party area, such as balls, mitts, bats and sport cards. Hang up posters of famous sports figures and of different sports. You can get a bit more creative with a blow-up picture of a famous player. Or you can even cut the faces of sports stars, so that you and friend can put their own face in it for great picture-taking moments. Now their can’t be a fun party without some excellent food. However, you don’t have to get all elaborative with your food menu, instead you’ll have an easy time if you follow the standards of your favorite sports bars.

So you need to pick food that is easy to pick up with the hand and wouldn’t actually require you to look away from the television for too long. So the best that you can go for would be the appetizers. French fries and chicken tenders would just be perfect. You can even go for Buffalo wings and cheesy chicken quesadillas. And if you wish to slip in some veggie treat then mini egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce dip would be splendid. You can also set up a platter of sandwiches for the guests to eat at half-time. A flaky croissant with ham and Swiss is a tasty and classic way to dress up your sports party. You can even have some wonderful party favors that of course, you give at the end of your sports party. Your favors could be personalized trophies or actual equipment from the sport. Get a little creative and make gag awards. You can have everyone vote like the All Stars – Best Dropped Ball, Best – Worst Play, etc. Send in the invitations at least three weeks before the party. As you are hosting a sports party, you should go for Sports Party theme invitation cards. Depending on the game of your choice, you can choose a card that would convey just the feel of your party to your guests. A wonderful place to start looking up for invitation cards would be: Go wild and be a sport, enjoy the party with everyone, cheers!!


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