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The Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, is a tradition that has been kept alive through centuries in order to honor the perseverance of Judaism through the ancient times. This celebration commemorates the inspiring story of how the Menorah lamp did not lose light for eight days. This celebration is symbolic of the strength, perseverance and undying spirit of the Jewish community. This year, Hanukkah will commence on December, 21, that is a Sunday, at sundown and will retreat at nightfall on Monday, December, 29, 2008. Hanukkah Party Invitations The history of greeting cards have come a long way from signifying goodwill. Greeting cards are now catching popularity as party invitations that are sent out for personalized purposes. Sending out invitations to celebrate occasions such as holidays has now become a common place activity. Hanukkah party invitations are specially crafted, with due regard to cultural diversity and of course sending out the message of a grand Jewish celebration. Send out the perfect Hanukkah message to your loved ones by selecting from the vast collection of invitations at Invitation Box. Hanukkah Party Supplies Great party supplies add more flavor and zing to the occasion and the same holds true Hanukkah too.

Hanukkah is a grand holiday celebration for the Jews and deserves to be celebrated with extravagance and style. This is the end that Hanukkah party supplies will serve. You will be met with infinite Hanukkah party supply options once you visit Oriental Trading. Exciting Hanukkah party supplies are listed below:Hanukkah Kindling of Lights BannerHanukkah ButtermintsHanukkah Fringe Table SkirtHanukkah Treat BoxesLarge Star of David SpinnersHanukkah Tinsel GarlandHanukkah Tableware Hanukkah Gifts Gifts hold a special place in our hearts as they never cease to illuminate the eyes of the recipient. Holidays, like Hanukkah, are awaited so that gifts symbolizing the Jewish culture and traditions can be exchanged with the nearest of kin. There is a pool of Hanukkah gifts to choose from. To start with, the nature of these gifts range from traditional Hanukkah gifts, to Hanukkah gift baskets, to homemade Hanukkah gifts and more. The all-time favorite Hanukkah goodies include, menorahs, dreidels, candles and other wonderful Judaica presents.

Other Hanukkah gifts that can accentuate the warmth and spirit of the occasion, include:Hanukkah oval platterBeautiful Hanukkah flagHanukkah place matsA plush Hanukkah dreidel For more Hanukkah gift ideas, please visit, Great Hanukkah Gifts. Hanukkah Games Though the traditional Hanukkah activities revolve around specific food and celebrations, Hanukkah celebrators have always had a soft corner for the Hanukkah games that add to the spirit and of course the entertainment of the affair. Simple party games can add more meaning to the most sacred and traditional celebration, like, Hanukkah. Games act as a light-hearted and fun way of putting across important Hanukkah messages. Some of these Hanukkah games include:Hanukkah Unscramble (ask guests to unscramble words that are symbolic of the Hanukkah spirit)Chocolate Gelt Hide and Seek To add more gaming fun and excitement to your Hanukkah celebrations this year, check out more game ideas on the Perpetual PreSchool. It’s time to illuminate your existence and celebrate the spirit of perseverance with the forthcoming Hanukkah festival.


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