Is four months to short of a time to plan a wedding

Is four months to short of a time to plan a wedding

I have been envisioning my wedding for as long as I can remember. I know what I want but now my friends and family members think we’re rushing because “they think” four months is not enough time to plan a wedding. On another note: My fiance bought the ring and I told him my family would pay for the wedding. They still are but does it matter who pays for the wedding? Does it look bad if my family pays for the entire wedding? Does my fiance’s family have any say if my family pays for the entire wedding? Timeframe really only matters when it comes to booking your vendors. I went to a wedding last night that they organized in 3 weeks, but the vendors were all available on a Thursday, so it worked out fine. Call your ceremony and reception venues first (and your caterer if it’s not included), then your DJ and bakery, with a list of your preferred dates and what’s still available.

4 months from now is what? October/November? You stand a pretty good chance by being away from the main “wedding season”. But get moving on your dress, like, now – that can take a while, especially when you factor in any alterations. If your fiance’s family WANTS to pay, you should definitely let them have some input (whether you choose to accept their money or not). But if not, you should still get their guest list and keep them up-to-date with how things are going. Traditionally, the bride’s family paid for the whole wedding anyway, so that’s not all that strange – these days, though, many couples pay for it themselves or sometimes both sides of the family chip in. Just be sure you talk to your parents about the budget before you even start shopping around – if you’re only giving them 4 months notice, you may have less to work with than if you waited until next year. Congrats!


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